Thursday, October 29, 2009

add it to the list.

I am so excited to go summer clothes shopping once exams are over! I have been piling up photos of all these clothes which I would like to buy/ make. Obviously, and sadly, I cannot buy them all but I can keep dreaming. Here are a few of the items of my list :)

I don't normally fuss over Tiffany jewelry but I quite like these three pieces:
I'm choosing between these three swimsuits?? - but the black ones in lime green - Tigerlily - Jets - Jets
A long dress of some kind - this is an American brand called Gypsy
A long skirt this length and another down to my ankles - might make these and not buy
I saw this picture on wildfox and had the genius idea of buying lace leggings from the sale winter stock and cutting them shorter to wear like this :)
a second pair of denim shorts - cut old jeans again? - but really short like wildox ones?
Going to make this dress when i have time - so simple but so nice - tigerlily
Pretty new bras and undies - topshop
Cropped tops like this...
and this...
I'm going to buy a cheap top from cotton on or something and cut the sleeves like this :)
Some new sunnies would be nice too - and i LOVE this skeleton earrings from nastygal
I'm getting my ear pierced soon - yay - but maybe a little bit lower down than this?
A cute little jumpsuit - nawww
Decorate my docs with daisies
I quite like this top - but i especially like the one black glove! - nastygal

imagesource: many!

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