Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I got these denim shorts at the church op shop down the road from me for only $2! They were originally jeans but I decided to cut them because they were too short. The legs are a bit un-even so I need to fix that. But I was inspired by the balmain shorts below. I think I might rip some holes in my shorts and attach black chains to make them look like the balmain ones :)

I was just browsing on the Country Road website and found two items I really like. But the bag is $249 - so I won't be getting that any time soon. But the shoes are reaaallyyy tempting!

Also I really want to dye my hair brown - because my hair is a rank inbetween colour haha. Here is some inspiration from the new country road model. Should I cut it to her length too?

imagesource: balmain and country road

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