Sunday, October 11, 2009

time to shine.

Today I picked a massive bowl full of beans and peas from my vegie garden :) So satisfying. And I'm eating them for dinner. Also I got my big day out tickets yesterday, so excited! Today I bought some pretty undies there pink with lace and flowers :) And I'm still thinking of dying my hair brown.....

Here is some inspiration:

Giles Deacon


Litter Jewelry 

Alexander Mcqueen

Last summer I bought a pair of orange jellies - and I wore them nearly everyday. Now, sadly they have broken and I am in need of a new pair for summer. I can't decide out of these two?

Melissa Australia


Laura Kasdorf. said...

i friggin love the ankle boots!
cute photos, all of them!

Anonymous said...

where to get the melissa aranha neon? :)

Alice said...

i haven't seen them in any stores but i bought my last pair from the website :)