Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the best friends.

Dempsey and Ella are my two best friends EVER!!! I've known Demps since pre-primary and Ella since year 2! We have had so many good times together, and I love them so much. I thought I would contribute this post to them I let you know what there up to...

Dempsey in Tokyo fashion week again :) This time she was on the catwalk for Hiromichi Nakano spring/ summer 10 collection. Demps has blonde hair, so this is quite a change, but I like it!

Ella made a blog today, and it took her about 4 years to come up with the name. When she has made a few posts and got it all together I'll share her link. Ella also wants to do fashion, so next year is going to be great fun for the both of us! Demps is an AMAZING designer too and has wanted to be a fashion designer since she was about 5, but at the moment she is doing some modeling but I'm sure she will be rich and famous for her fashion label someday.

Demps, Jasper and Ella: This photo is from the last time Demps was back in Aus, cooking tuna pies in my kitchen :)

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