Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just two more weeks.

It was such nice weather today! And sitting inside studying was really aggravating, knowing that in just over 2 weeks I will be able to enjoy the weather which I can only view from my window at the moment. During my extremely long study breaks I have been searching the internet and reading magazines getting my self excited for the holidays ahead. I'm really keen on buying a wide-brimmed hat, since my skin does not agree with hot weather. I hell like this one, which is from a photo shoot of my friends aunties brand "citta design". Its actually a home wears brand but they just started a clothes range too! So exciting, but then I found out that the hat wasn't part of her collection they just used it in the photo shoot :( But I have about 4 days in between my last exam and leavers to go shopping and soak up the hot, beach weather! Enjoy it if you can!

The wide brimmed hat

The Wildfox summer fashion! I wish...

The beach bags from citta!

imagesource: http://www.cittadesign.com/#/home

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