Tuesday, November 17, 2009

say goodbye.

I'm pretty sure I have to hand in my laptop tomorrow to return it to the school. Which means I will no longer have a computer, until I save up enough money to buy a nice new shiny one :) Which probably won't be till early nearly year! I do have a home computer but it's very slow and I have no pictures on there, so my blogging will decrease but I shall try my best. My last post on my school laptop will be devoted to Akira Igosawa. This is because I am lucky enough to be seeing him tomorrow night! I am so excited! He is one of my favourite Australian/ Japanese designers. Like Willow, his designs are amazing but his prices are much higher than my budget... I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

The set of this photo shoot makes me want to do fashion so bad!! Its so inspirational seeing the studio full of pattern pieces, sewing machines, fabrics rolls and mannikins! Love it so much, I cannot wait to do fashion next year :)

imagesouce: akira igosawa

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