Monday, November 9, 2009


I LOVE shoes!!! But I have come to realise, that I like so many pairs of shoes, that I can't decide which ones to buy, so I end up with none. Which is good in a way, and bad in another. Here are a few pairs of shoes I am dreaming of at the moment.... the rest of the ones im loving I can't find on the interent

The old, but true favourites...

The crazy and dreamy John Gilliano, russian inspired heels
The topshop ashish platform wedges, i think i could have on of each

The high heeled doc martens, I wish...
With so so SO many more shoes to be added to that list, I think I'll leave it at that for now.

Now that my three major exams are over, and I am left with the two easier exams to finish, I think it's time to start sewing, making and creating. I have been planning on making jewelry for a long time, I did make a bracelet ages ago.... but I kinda gave up when exams began. So many clothes to be made.... I have a pile of designs in my head which I can never remember that I want to make, but for the ones I can remember, its off to Spotlight for me this week!

Jewelry Inspiration

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Lizzy said...

those balenciagas are to die for. i want a pair sooo bad, shame they're like $2000 haha

and i'm the exact same with shoes, i want all of them and i can't decide so i end up with none!