Saturday, December 19, 2009

blushing ambition.

1. I got my hair cut today, I took in photos of Alexa Chung and asked her to cut my hair like hers. Its a bit longer than I was expecting, so it doesnt look quite right. But I think ill go back and get a little bit more taken off :) I also got it died darker, I'm still getting used to it but I hope I like it haha.

2. I might be a bit slow but today i discovered the blog blushing ambition

My friend Jade told me about it and I am now a bit obsessed. She has great photos and I love her clothes :) Her outfit posts are my favourite! Here are few pictures I stole...

3. She also had a post with pictures of her bedroom. Its so pretty, it has motivated me to renovate my room before the new year! I especially love the open clothes rack.

4. I went to JB Hi Fi today, and I was looking at apple computers. I wish I was rich enough to buy one of the massive laptops because the screen is so big and clear! But there like $3 500, soo maybe not.... but I can keep on dreaming :)

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