Thursday, February 25, 2010


I handed in my resume to S2 today! She said they weren't looking for anyone at the moment, but I can always hope for a new job. I am getting so sick of "Hi, how are you? Would like a bag? Would you like your receipt? Thank you, have a nice day!" at IGA! Although my boss is so nice, I think I need a job in a fashion store instead of a grocery store, since I'm doing fashion this year! Uni starts next week! Very exciting :) Also found out today that the shop next to S2 sells wildfox tops! Have never seen them in Perth before so I got very excited, might have to invest in one!

internet fun.

Re-descovered the website polyvore the other day, it is so fun! haha. Iv'e known about it for a while now but I didnt really get too excited. But the other day I thought I would try it out and to my surprise really enjoyed it :) If you haven't been on before, what you do is type in any item of clothing or any colour/ theme of clothing into the search box and it will come up with a wide variety of clothes/ accessories that match your search. Then you drag them all into blank area on the website and create your own outfit. Also all the clothes on this website are available to buy online, eg from net-a-porter or topshop. So if you really like the outfit you can buy it :) But I just do it to create outfits. For example the other day I bought a plain black skirt and a white and black striped singlet. From these two items of clothing I have been able to create many outfits I could wear :) Here are two examples, simple, but good for uni or the weekend!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

unique fall 2010.


2 bucks till wednesday.

Today I went to the 2 bucks till wednesday sale! It was so crazy! People literally RAN into the stalls and grabbed as much as they could! And because of this craziness/ my hate for pushing in I only got a white button up shirt. Oh well, atleast I have more money now haha. You can't tell in the photo but there is lace on the collar and pocket :) Hope your weekend was enjoyable!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

festival three of 2010.

Today I bought my third festival ticket of the year! Groovin the moo! I'm so excited! It's a great lineup and I'm especially excited to see VAMPIRE WEEKEND! I'm also looking forward to the road trip down the Bunbury, thats definitely half of the fun :) More good news is that my laptop arrived yesterday, which is very exciting, so from now on I'll hopefully be able to post more/ prettier posts haha. P.s It might even be cold enough in May to wear gumboots! Woo!!

imagesource: cheapchampagne

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

michael kors.

Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear


oscar de la renta.

Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear


Sunday, February 14, 2010


YAY! I'm so excited I bought a laptop today!!!! I have been using my shitty old windows home computer for months now and it has been driving me nuts. But I ordered an apple laptop off their website today and it should be here within a week! WOO! Anndd.... to top it all off, because I'm a uni student I get it a lot cheaper and I get a FREE iPod touch! I already have a new iPod so mum is going to have it but still! a free iPod and a discounted laptop! I'm so happy :)... and now I'm tempted to buy that bookbook haha.

Here is some dream shopping I have done on net-a-porter.... seeing alexander mcqueen's clothes just made me depressed! There are no words to describe his talent!

Alexander McQueen reptile-print silk dress

Stella McCartney dolly snogging lace bra
Zimmermann bandeau cutout one-piece
Ray-ban clubmaster acetate sunglasses
Isharya 18-karat gold-plated moonbali hoop earrings
Willow jersey bandage dress
Daine Von Furtsenberg paulita ruffled mini skirt
Christopher Kane midgnight biker jacket
Chloe silk leopard-print pants
Burberty Prorsum cutout leather sandals
Diane Von Furtsenberg bonnie skirt bikini

imagesouce: all fashion images from net-a-porter

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Just a quick post to say hello and goodbye! Last night was the laneway festival, it was absolutely AMAZING!!! I loved it SO much! Florence and the machine was definitely my favourite, she has the most incredible voice i have EVER heard! Her blue leotard, gold chains and bright red hair looked amazing aswell! There are no words to explain it. But now I am off to Mandurah to my beach holiday house for a couple of days, have a good week....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

family affairs.

"Together, Nina and Kaya Egli form Family Affairs. A mother and daughter, they draw on their combined experience in fashion and design."


Check out these amazing laptop covers! They are designed for apple laptops and I would really really like one :) But they're $79.95!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

festival season.

I went to BDO on sunday, it was fricken AMAZING!!! Apart from looking after a drunken friend, wandering around the grounds trying to find her lost phone amongst a crowd of thousands I had a great day! I must admit my absolute favourite would have to be Peaches! Her show included of: her crowd surfing, walking on the audience, spraying champagne, getting the audience half naked, lasers and kinky costumes! My camera is being annoying so here a few photos that will actually upload onto my computer.


tame impala
lisa mitchell
lily allen
ella and charlotte

In just a few days I'm off to another festival... the laneway festival! I'm so excited. I'll add a new playlist with Laneway songs instead of BDO songs :) -->