Thursday, February 25, 2010

internet fun.

Re-descovered the website polyvore the other day, it is so fun! haha. Iv'e known about it for a while now but I didnt really get too excited. But the other day I thought I would try it out and to my surprise really enjoyed it :) If you haven't been on before, what you do is type in any item of clothing or any colour/ theme of clothing into the search box and it will come up with a wide variety of clothes/ accessories that match your search. Then you drag them all into blank area on the website and create your own outfit. Also all the clothes on this website are available to buy online, eg from net-a-porter or topshop. So if you really like the outfit you can buy it :) But I just do it to create outfits. For example the other day I bought a plain black skirt and a white and black striped singlet. From these two items of clothing I have been able to create many outfits I could wear :) Here are two examples, simple, but good for uni or the weekend!

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