Sunday, March 14, 2010

meant to be.

Today was a great day!!
Just by luck, I went to into Mimco again to admire a bag I saw a while ago. I was then told that there was 20% off store wide!! I was very excited and decided, I'll come back on tuesday (on my way home from uni) and buy the bag then, if I'm still craving it. I came home and told mum about the sale and she said lets quickly drop in before it closes. This was so lucky because I didn't realise that the sale ended today! Which means I now own a Mimco bag YAY! Its moments like these when you know its meant to be!

Not only did I manage to buy a mimco bag today but I also picked up a pair of black brogues from the Leederville markets! They're actually men's brogues but I don't mind :)

Also, I made these two black bracelets on the weekend. I know their plain but I needed something to wear with my chunky silver bracelet.

My internet is ridiculously slow at the moment and it keeps dying. So thats why I havent posted in a few days and I probably won't post for a few more. And please excuse my late excitement on new collections coming out because I only just got the internet working. Hope your weekend was a great as mine! Love the year of the 18ths!!

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