Wednesday, March 10, 2010

where are you?

It is actually supposed to be Autumn right now, but I don't think the weather has caught on to that concept just yet. High 30's today was no fun, especially walking to work up that darn hill! But I am still managing to convince myself that it is winter already and have decided what shoes, clothes and accessories I want to wear this winter...... butttt I'll probably change my mind within a week anyway. I am in real need of some new shoes! Literally I have 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of boots and some green flats which are actually my mums. And the green ones hardly count since there about to fall apart. So at the moment I am having real cravings for LOTS of shoes! :D

Some kind of black ankle boot, and white floral Dr. Martens

Wittner Blue Heels and Sportsgirl Black Heels - both worn with cool socks :)
Casual black brogues! Would be very, very useful in my life right now!

I'm also going to try and get back into making my own jewellery :) Here is some inspiration from Von Treskow! It's simple, but I really like the designs. And if I'm going to try and make it, it has to be simple :)

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terrriii a pariii said...

black lace up ankle boot! all. the. way. haha HI :)