Tuesday, November 23, 2010


just for fun.

enfin terminé.

Yay! I've finally finished uni :) Due to my poor organisational skills it was a very stressful week! 3 dresses, a visual diary, a concept board, a 10 page word document and a speech all due in 1 week wasn't the funnest experience I've ever had but it sure was satisfying!!

I found this amazing dress the other day whilst shopping with my cousin and I'm extreeemely tempted! But I really can't afford $250 right now...

imagesource: www.nonethericher.com.au

Friday, November 5, 2010

my obsession.

I have lately become obsessed with designer Haider Ackermann. I love every piece! He is definitely inspiration for my final uni assessment, but trying to figure out how he has made his garments is impossible. He sure knows what he is doing!

Spring 2010:

Fall 2010:

Spring 2009:

Fall 2009:

imagesource: style.com